The Bundesliga Blueprint – Lee Price

This is the second of two books I recently borrowed from my brother on the subject of German football, the Bundesliga and the re-emergence of Germany as a international football force. The first I read, by respected journalist Raphael Honigstein, was excellent, this however is not as good. It reads as a comparison of British and German football, and maybe I would have enjoyed them both more if I had read them the other way round. Lee Price’s book is well written and does give some in depth analysis, especially the financial and statistical side of the game, and he has managed to interview some giants of the footballing world, however this is supplemented with regurgitation of other interviews and does come across as slightly simplistic.

I do admire Price’s attempt to write an explanation of the changes made to the German academy system and the effect this has had on the national team’s fortunes. Alongside this Price throws envious glances at the fans experience in the Bundesliga; the low ticket prices, the safe standing and opportunity to drink beers in the stadiums. I did enjoy this book and it was fairly informative, but out of the two books on the subject this was the weaker and as such I don’t want to write too long a review.


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