On Solitude – Michel de Montaigne 

I have never heard of Michel de Montaigne, yet again showing some of my ignorance of historical figures. He is one of the most famous French renaissance philosophers, and is one of foremost exponents of the essay as an important literary genre. This collection of essays is part of the Penguin Great Ideas series. This series is often my starting point for philosophers and theorists whom I have not read previously, plus there are often essays by authors I only know as novelists or poets.images-2

On Solitude is a collection of essays on a variety of subjects, often laced with anecdotes from de Montaigne’s own life. Each essay is informative and interesting, but I don’t think I’ve gained much due to my lack of real philosophical understanding. I can see how he influenced a vast number of authors, especially ones whom I studied when at university such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and René Descartes.

I’m having to keep this review short, as it has actually taken me a couple of weeks to write due to other commitments.



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