Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen

I have said previously that I’m not a huge fan of autobiographies, yet here I am writing about another one. Like the Johan Cruyff one I have read before, this is the autobiography of a hero of mine. Bruce Springsteen is one of the musicians I have always had in my life, there with Dylan, Prince, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The Boss is iconic, and this is his story of his life.

Throughout this book Springsteen is eloquent, informative and emotional. He tells stories from all parts of his life, from growing up in New Jersey, to doing the Super Bowl half time show. We learn about his childhood, his formative years, the beginning of his musical career, and eventually he reflects upon it all and the live he now has. Springsteen also recorded a companion album, Chapter & Verse, that I listened to extensively whilst reading the book.

If you are a fan of music in any form this book is brilliant as Springsteen explores his influences, songwriting techniques and the way the music industry works. Springsteen talks about the moment he first heard The Beatles, and how this inspired him to buy his first guitar, and then later the fact his mother was willing to take out a loan to buy him a new guitar. These little insights are linked to songs he later wrote, which may not be truly biographical but do reflect some situations in his life. The reader is also given a history of The E Street Band and how Springsteen brought them together to become the band that are synonymous with him, and equally deserve the recognition he has.

I loved this autobiography, not just because I consider The Boss one of the most important musicians in my life, but also because it gives such insight into the workings of such a brilliant band as The E Street Band. Give it a go, with Chapter & Verse as the soundtrack and you will be mightily impressed by this legend of music.


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