Red Dust: A Path Through China – Ma Jian

As in a few months I will be moving from Terrassa, Catalunya to Tianjin, China on the next step of my life journey. It was obviously time to start reading about China. I may not write a long post as I’m still in the process of applying for a visa and who knows what might happen if I say the wrong thing.

Ma Jian is a Chinese writer who now lives in Britain, and has taken British citizenship. This book is a fictionalised version of his journey through China in the 1980s. Having been denounced by his ex-wife, banned from seeing his daughter and been visited a few times by the police, Ma Jian heads out on a journey to discover China. Red Dust is a wonderful book, and his journey is epic. Ma Jian is robbed, arrested, and attacked by dogs. He has to drink his own urine when wandering in the desert, and has to cope with flea bites, frostbite and sunburn. This book is an interesting insight to China by someone who has experienced life both inside and outside the country, and definitely worth a read.


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